Q: When is the season? 
A: Our season parallels the school year. It is scheduled in two halves: 8 games in September and October, and 8 in May and June.

Games are typically on Saturdays, throughout the day. U5 through 8 also play on two Sunday afternoons in the fall, and two in the spring.

U10 through U14 play mostly on Saturdays with occasional Sunday or weeknight games. The difference is because older age groups play with teams from other regions, not just within Flushing AYSO. U10 through U14 half-seasons sometimes start earlier or end later than those for younger players.

Q: What equipment does my child need? 
A: You will need to purchase a uniform from Flushing AYSO (or use a hand-me-down, or find one at a garage sale). Shinguards are required. Your child should have a soccer ball of the correct size.

Children playing at the U8 level or higher will need cleats. Cleats are optional for younger players. Unfortunately, baseball cleats won’t work; they have an extra cleat in front that can interfere with kicking.

Be sure to check out our Soccer Swap box, located near the concession stand. You can leave an outgrown ball, shinguards, cleats, uniform, or other equipment for someone else to use – or see if someone left just what you need.

Q: What size ball do we need?

Age group  Age range* Ball size
 U5 4 years old 3
U6 5 years old 3
U8 6-7 years old 3
U10 8-9 years old 4
U12 10-11 years old 4
 U15 12-15 years old 5

* Ages are determined based on age on December 31 before the fall portion of the season.

Q: What does AYSO cost?

A: As of the 2015-2016 season, annual player registration is $70.00. Uniform cost varies over time, based on our cost from the supplier; typically uniforms are in the $60 range. There are two types of uniforms, one for U5-U10, and one for U12-U14.

Q: What about uniform colors – what color socks with what color shirt?
A: Depends on the age group:
U5-U10: Black socks with white jersey; orange socks with orange jersey.

U12-U14: White socks with white jersey; black socks with orange jersey.

Q: How does Flushing AYSO compare to travel soccer? 
A: Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Much of the training is similar, especially at the older levels.  Many high school players come from AYSO teams, as well as others from travel teams, and some from both AYSO and travel.
  • AYSO’s focus is less on winning than on our Six Philosophies, which help to ensure every player has plenty of time on the field, learns the game, and has a great time.
  • The time commitment for AYSO can be less than for some travel teams.  In AYSO, it ranges from an hour a week for U5 and U6, to a weekend game plus two practices per week at the older levels.
  • AYSO is also very cost-effective, with a uniform plus a season’s worth of games coming in at under $150.
 Q: Where are games played?

A: For all children in divisions U5, U6, and U-8 all games will be held on the age-appropriate fields at Seymour Elementary in Flushing. U10, U12, and U14 play home games at Seymour but will travel to other regions for some games. Maps to interplay fields can be found here. Note that some regions have different age groups in different locations.

Q: As a coach, how do I contact the opposing coach to cancel or reschedule games?
A: We will provide a listing of all coaches in the AYSO system.

Q: How do I sign up to be a coach?
A: Email our Coach Administrator or Regional Commissioner.

Q: What is the game cancellation policy?
A: We do not cancel games for chilly weather, or rain without lightning. When we do, the most common reasons are weather that is dangerous (usually lightning), or fields that are so wet that play would severely damage them. When cancellations occur, sometimes a whole day’s games will be cancelled. Other times, they will be cancelled on an hour-by-hour basis, in hopes that part of the day can be salvaged.

In the rare event of a cancellation, we will announce it on the website and Facebook, and notify coaches, who will contact you. If you don’t hear otherwise, assume you’re playing. But it doesn’t hurt to check the website or Facebook right before your game. Reschedules of cancelled games are not automatic or required. Rescheduling is at both coaches’ discretion.

Q: When will I find out about practice/coach/team information?
A: Coaches get their a couple of weeks before Labor Day. They should be in contact with players and parents soon after. If you have not been contacted, you should be able to login to eAYSO (using the same information as when you registered) to find your coach’s contact information and confirm yours. Of course, you can also contact us with any questions.

Q: I haven’t heard from my coach. What do I do?
A: We’re sorry! This can happen for a variety of reasons, not always under the coach’s control. Please contact us to let us know, and we will get you hooked up.

Q: How can I find out more about the national program?
A: Just click here for more FAQ’s.

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