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and team names (last updated Sep 2017)

U10, U12, U14 schedules are available on Area G’s website. Click on the Interplay Schedules menu, and select your league.
NOTE: some readers have expressed confusion with the Area G schedules.  Games are marked with H (home) or A (away).  The home or away team indicated is the team at the top of the column (not the team named in the cell).  As of 4/10/18, no home/away information or field numbers are provided when two Flushing teams play each other.  We are working on sorting that out.

Schedules for U5 through U8:

U5 coed (updated 4/26/18 – and again on 4/27)
U6 coed (updated 4/26/18 – and again on 4/27
U8 girls (updated 4/26/18 – and again on 4/27
U8 boys (updated 4/26/18 – and again on 4/27)

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